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FBI Criminal Records
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FD 258 Fingerprint Card
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Contributing Agency

Level of Service: DOJ and|or FBI

Department of Managed Health Care

  • Health Care Employment

Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch

  • Manufactured Cannabis Licensee

Medical Board of California

  • Physician & Surgeon

CA Military Dept State Military Reserve

  • State Employee

Oakland Public Education Fund

  • Volunteer

Oakland Unified School District

  • Classified School Emp
  • Credentialed School Emp
  • Independent Contractor
  • Volunteer

Board of Occupational Therapy

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant

State Board of Optometry | California

  • Optometrist

UC Berkeley School of Optometry

  • Optometrist Intern
  • Optometrist

Osteopathic Medical Board of California

  • Physician and Surgeon

A – B C D E F – H I – L M – O P – Q R S T – Z

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